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Cu ocazia aniversării a 147 de ani de la înființare, Colegiul Național " Cantemir-Vodă" a sărbătorit evenimentul printr-o serie de activități cultural-educative. Tema din acest an a fost "Cartea", o temă generoasă și plină de semnificații. Festivitatea de deschidere a avut loc în amfiteatrul Colegiului la ora 11.00, unde doamna director Monica Zamfir a prezentat programul acvitităților ce s-au derulat în cursul zilei de 30 octombrie 2015.
Printre aceste enumerăm: 
- o conferință pe tema "Cartea - obiect cultural", unde au fost invitați dna conf. dr. Florentina Sâmihăian, din partea Universității București,  Facultatea de Litere, și dl. prof. Mihai Pompiliu Constantinescu, un renumit poet contemporan;
- târg de carte;
- expoziție de coperte de cărți handmade;
- expoziție "Cartea ca obiect";
- vizionare documentare pe tema dată, la Biblioteca Metropolitană,  filiala "Dimitrie Cantemir";
- vizită la Biblioteca Națională;
- dezbateri pe diverse teme culturale;
- prezentare proiect "Cărțile sfinte";
- competiții sportive;
- vizionare ecranizări de cărți din programa școlară; 
- recenzii de carte;
- ”Șezătoare”
- mese rotunde.

Mulțumim profesorilor și elevilor care s-au implicat în activitățile menționate și le urăm mult succes în acest an școlar! 


Din activitățile desfășurate, s-au remarcat prin votul copiilor și al profesorilor, două prezentări de carte (ale elevilor Coșa Matei, Călin Șerban Matei, Cicală Iorgus, Pavel Gheorghe, Creciun Vlad, Rusu Radu – clasa a VII-a) și o poveste în limba engleză (Gărduș Matei Alexandru, clasa a IX-a C).



A book’s life
By Matei Gărduș

            This is a story of a book named Michael. Michael was a brand new book given to Andrew as a birthday gift a few days ago. He was eager to be opened and read by Andrew. Michael waited for a few days after he was put on Andrew’s bookshelf, but it never happened. The book waited for 3 days to be opened, while watching Andrew play video games all day.
            “It is the summer holiday after all, might as well wait a bit more!”, Michael thought enthusiastically. But after a week of waiting, he started getting tired of it. He hated the plastic foil he was in, and that awful “new book” smell. Books hate it!
            Michael thought this would be a good time to talk to some of his neighbors. On his left was Diana, a graphic novel that seemed to be very beaten up. On his right was Jack, a big fat dictionary that was very well taken care of. Michael introduced himself and started having a little chat with the books.
            “Huh, it seems you’re not even opened yet. What brings you here?”, asks Diana.
            “I’m Andrew’s birthday gift this year!” Michael exclaimed.
            “Well, you don’t look like a graphic novel. Neither are you too thin. I guess you’ll be waiting for a while.”, says Jack.
            “What makes you think that will be the case?”
            “Well, I am a very old addition to Andrew’s bookshelf. I’ve seen books come and go. Children’s books, mandatory books for school, everything. Andrew is quite picky, you know. Diana is his favorite pick, though.”
            “Indeed I am! He picks me up and reads me once every month, at least! I love it!” said Diana, slightly daydreaming of those wonderful times.
            “Why are you here then, Jack? You don’t seem interesting at all!”, asked Michael.
            “I’m a dictionary, a book with information beyond recognition. Every word that exists is inside of me. You need me some time!”, Jack said.
            “So what am I supposed to do?” Michael said, his happiness wandering off.
            “Wait. He’s going to pick you up one day.”
            Michael waited for a long time to be opened. It became normal for Michael. But then one day, something very peculiar happened. Something that forever changed Michael.
            It finally happened! Andrew stopped playing video games, grumpily took Michael out of the shelf and started tearing the foil apart. Michael was so excited and happy! And the fresh air poured in as Andrew was taking that “new book” smell away. Michael was happy. Andrew began opening the pages and reading. Slowly but surely, Andrew started to enjoy the book. He started reading faster and more profoundly. Michael was drinking it all in. And he never felt so happy! Never did Andrew, either. Sometimes, Andrew would get up and pick up Jack to read a thing or two from him as well. Jack and Michael sometimes talked for hours.
            Eventually, Andrew finished reading Michael, shed a tear, and put him back on the bookshelf. Michael was never happier and immediately started telling Diana and Jack all about it.
            “It was so awesome! Every time he flipped a page, I felt better and better!” Michael began talking about everything that happened.
            “See kid, that’s what reading is all about! The book and the reader love it! It’s a mutual relationship of fun! I’m surprised he loved you. Who knows? Maybe he’ll read you again one day.” Diana smiled as she started wandering off in thoughts, like usual.
            “Hope he picks you up again, Diana! It would be fun for you!” Michael said.
            “It would be, Michael. It would be…”
            What about me? Well, I was a book just opposite to them. A blank one. But, thanks to them, now I’m full of their memories. I don’t remember who wrote about them on me, how or why. But I will get filled eventually. All my brothers get filled. And they are all on those bookshelves. I’m just waiting for my turn.

Minunea - Prezentare realizata de: Calin, Cioc, Cosa